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Fast, Safe, Reliable Long-Haul Trucking Done Right!

Safely trucked materials over 1.4 million kilometers in 2021 alone

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Long-Haul Truckers Delivering Excellence Since

Daily Transport provides expert long-haul trucking services for full truck (FTL) loads, as well as less truck (LTL) loads using state-of-the-art dry vans. Our fleet of vehicles includes over 25 trucks, and 40 trailers (dry vans and reefers), with dozens of truck drivers and back-office staff in place to make all your transportation needs a reality. So, whether you’re looking for FTL load or LTL load hauling, we have the team, expertise, and know-how to get it done right and on-time

Truck Driving by Lake


Dry Van, Reefers, Hazardous

Moving Truck

Dry van

We specialize in dry van trucking to get your cargo delivered safely and on time.



We have refrigerated trucking transport to ensure your goods are kept at the correct temperature.

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We offer safe and secure storage solutions for your valuable goods.

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Hazardous Delivery

We are experts in transporting hazardous materials safely and efficiently.


Why You Should Choose Daily Transport

Why you should choose

10+ Years of Experience

We opened our doors nearly 10 years ago, in 2013, with the sole purpose of providing clients with top shelf long hauling services, at price that’s affordable.


National & International Reach

Our homebase is in Manitoba, but our reach spans the entirety of Canada, and all 48 states across the continental US.

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24/7 Dispatch & Customer Service

Rain, sleet, or snow, we’ve got dispatch crew to ensure your freight gets there on-time, and the customer service team that’s there when you need us.


A Fleet To Meet Your Needs

Our top-of-the-line fleet of 25 trucks and 40 dry vans and reefers stand at the ready to meet your all of your cargo needs.

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Flexible FTL & LTL Load Rates

Whether your needs require large shipments that require an entire truck, or smaller ones that don’t require as much, we’ve got the rates to fit your budget.


Licenses & Certifications

We have all the necessary licenses and certifications in place including for the dangerous good. And we always thrive to add more.


Live Tracking

We believe in trust but verify policy. Hence, we’ve installed “Omni track”, and Elog live tracking with fleet hunt for you to check on the arrivals.


12.9 Million Kilometers Traveled

Over the last three years, Daily Transport has experienced exponential growth, and has provided freighting services over 12,960,000 kilometers.


On-Time Delivery

With a proven track record of nearly 99% on-time deliveries, we are proud to say that we do what we say.


Fast, Safe, Experienced & Dependable
The Common Industries We Provide Transportation Services For

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Alcoholic Beverages

Chemical works
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Boutique Clothing Shop
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Battery Products

Cosmetic Products
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Cosmetic Products

Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie
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Are you looking for career in transport business?


What our customers saying

"We booked our shipping with them and were very pleased with how easy they made it. They were able to get it done in a day, which really helped my clients when they needed their items moved ASAP."

- Noah Campbell

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